Document Processing

The Digital Bots are eventually taking over all the aspects of Logistics starting from Tracking & Tracing of shipments, processing of invoices, processing of Emails and Yes, you heard that right – Digital Bots are now creating/processing Bills of Lading and Arrival Notice along with other documents. Digital Bots have been pre-programmed to read the Bill of Lading details like Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party, Forwarding Agent, Vessel & Voyage, Port of Loading, Port of Discharge and many more. The bots read the information from the shipping instructions and create the Bill of Lading in the desired software and also submits the BL to the Carrier. The bots conduct the entire process with precision. The Bill of Lading & Arrival Notice can be processed on Info-X system or on the customer system as per requirement. This gives the opportunity to release the resource from non-revenue generating work and align the resource in revenue generating task of customer service or business development.