Bill of Lading Entry

Info-X, backed by its vast domain expertise, a pool of data entry executives specially trained for logistic documentation, and stringent quality control system, ensures that Bill of lading, the most crucial document for all the entities - the shipper, the carrier and the consignor- is standardized and error free.

Info-X also ensures that the document is delivered with the minimum turnaround time, so that the processes in the supply chain proceed promptly.
The key steps in the preparation of Bill of lading are:

1. Receiving Raw Shippers Letter of Instruction (SLI)

The Info-X steam receives the data and checks that the SLI is complete; clarifications are obtained promptly from the client in case of any discrepancies.

2. Compilation of House Bill of Lading and Master Bill of lading

The Info-X data entry team, using remote access connects to your Transportation Management System application to complete the shipment documentation All the relevant details including freight details, shipper, consignee, agent particulars, date of shipment and other shipment details, are captured and entered in your Transportation Management System application

3. Quality control

The Quality Assurance team take over and performs a series of quality checks by the skilled quality control team to validate the entire data. This leads to 99.9% accuracy of the shipemnt documents.

4. Document delivery

The documents are promptly delivered to the client in their TMS application also Info-X team can distribute the shipments documents via email /EDI to customers and carriers.
The time from document receipt to document delivery has been standardized to ensure the minimum turnaround time


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